With Smallbrooks you can launch your own crowdfunding platform, all without writing a single line of code. Let us handle the software and infrastructure; that way you can concentrate on your customers and core business.


Financial institutions Customers fund each other

Cities Locals fund parks, playgrounds, local events, culture projects etc. 


Corporations Suppliers test new products on the corporation’s customers


Universities Alumni fund start-ups, research, campus projects, and individual students

NGOs and umbrella organisations Members and non-members support specific projects

Unions and trade associations Members support projects within their industry


Cooperatives Members support projects from fellow members

Utility companies Users fund supplier projects (e.g. new solar or wind farms) and receive utility (e.g. energy) in return


Sports Fans and supporters sponsor their clubs and athletes


Entertainment Fans sponsor television productions or movies


Music Fans sponsor concerts, tours, album recordings etc.


Charities Members and non-members support specific projects


Why spend a lot of time and money building your own crowdfunding platform when you can have one tailor-made to suit your organisation’s needs? 


The platform can be adjusted to fit your needs perfectly, regardless of what purpose your users will seek funding for (container ships, houses, agriculture, sports clubs, schools, playgrounds, movies, rainforests etc.)

Let Smallbrooks build your crowdfunding platform and receive all the benefits of the software Smallbrooks has spent years developing.

Safe and robust

The underlying software has been running for years without security breaches, breakdowns, miscalculations or data leaks.

Fully flexible

The platform can be completely adjusted to fulfil your needs and will have your look and design. It can handle loan, reward, donation and equity projects.


The platform lives in the cloud and has scalability worked into its core design. Whether you have a hundred or a million users makes no difference.


The platform can integrate with modules connected to third party systems such as KYC validations, payment systems, application forms, credit rating etc. Create your own modules, or use ours.


Coop Crowdfunding

Coop, Denmark's largest chain of supermarket stores, was looking for a new way in which to engage their 1.7 million members. They also wanted a new way to test new suppliers and products. Therefore Coop Crowdfunding was born.

Coop Crowdfunding offers crowdfunding for Danish food producers. It is built to handle three types of crowdfunding projects: rewards, loans and donations.


Testimonial: Coop Crowdfunding

Nicolai Jæpelt, Head of Coop Crowdfunding:

“We have been very happy with our collaboration with Smallbrooks. From the very beginning we’ve experienced a trusting dialogue and a clear understanding of our needs and wishes. Developing the platform was quick and efficient - and it was delivered on time. Furthermore, both the usability and the tech work perfectly.”



Smallbrooks is a subbrand under Lendino, a crowdlending and IT company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Smallbrooks team are proven experts in the creation of crowdfunding platforms.

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