Smallbrooks is an IT solution that makes it fast, easy and affordable to get your own crowdfunding platform, tailor-made to fit your crowd, country, currency and context.


"Crowdfunding is not just about collecting money from a crowd. It's a way to engage and empower people; a way to test product-market fit and get customers for your product; a way to connect stakeholders, facilitate collaboration and build communities; and a way to democratise and decentralise the financial system.


In Smallbrooks we live and breathe crowdfunding. We truly believe in its benefits - for the individual, the organisation, the community and society as a whole"

- Esben Bistrup Halvorsen, CEO

Engage and empower your crowd 

Improve the relationship with and between your organisation's stakeholders (customers, users, members, suppliers etc.), and make your stakeholders feel more involved in your organisation’s decision-making processes.


Strengthen your brand by helping your crowd raise funds for and awareness of their projects. While doing so you gain knowledge from and about your crowd, increase your network, create awareness about your offering etc.

Create revenue or give back

Define your own fee structure and increase your earnings by making a profit from your crowdfunding platform. Alternatively, offer the platform for free as a catalyst for activities among your stakeholders.


Cooking Class

Coop is Denmark's largest retailer with over 1,200 stores and 1.7 million members. Their crowdfunding platform, Coop Crowdfunding, allows new as well as established food producers to get funding for their projects.

The platform is a way for Coop to improve the relationship with existing suppliers and test new suppliers and products. For food producers, the platform is not only a way to get funding and marketing, but also a stepping stone into the Coop universe on Coop Mad and in Coop's stores.

Coop Crowdfunding


Launching your own crowdfunding platform doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Instead of spending time and money building your platform from scratch, let us build it for you. Then you can spend your time on finding great projects.

The platform can be tailor-made to fit your needs regardless of the type of crowdfunding you want to offer your users: donation, rewards, lending or equity - or a mix of these. We can also help you implement crowdsourcing into your platform. 

Safe and robust

The underlying software has been running for years without security breaches, breakdowns, miscalculations or data leaks.

Fully flexible

The platform can be completely adjusted to fit your needs and have your look and design. It can handle loan, reward, donation and equity projects.


The platform lives in the cloud and has scalability built into its core design. Whether you have a hundred or a million users, the platform can handle it.


The platform easily integrates with third-party systems such as  banks, KYC/AML services, payment solutions, application forms, credit rating tools etc. You can also create your own modules.


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