Smallbrooks is a sub-brand of Lendino, a crowdfunding and IT company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

When we started Lendino in 2014, we had flexibility and scalability in mind, and we made sure that our IT solution would be useful in any context, regardless of crowd, country, currency, timezone, rules and regulations or preferences for user experience. Our system is highly modular, giving the flexibility to tailor-make each platform as desired while avoiding the reinvention of the wheel by re-using elements from a common toolbox as much as possible.

Our employees live and breathe crowdfunding, and we therefore offer not only an IT solution but help with the more "softer" sides of having a crowdfunding platform: administration, communication, marketing, press strategy, user support etc. Our team always works hard to understand our customers' visions and collaborates with them throughout the lifetime of the platform.

By tapping into our IT system and our expertise, our customers are freed from spending time and money on inventing something that we have already perfected.  



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