Coop is Denmark's largest retailer with over 1,200 stores and 1.7 million members. Their platform, Coop Crowdfunding, allows food producers to get funding for their projects.​


The platform is a way for Coop to improve their relationship with existing suppliers, test new suppliers and products, help food producers get funding and marketing plus give new suppliers acces to the Coop universe on Coop Mad and in Coop's stores.

Read more about crowdfunding for retail companies here.

Lendino is Denmark’s first crowdfunding platform for business loans. It was started in 2014 by the founders of Smallbrooks and offers loans to small and medium-sized Danish companies. ​


Since 2014 Lendino has facilitated loans to companies within all industries. Lenders invest from 1,000 DKK in loans and receive repayments and interest in return.

Read more about crowdfunding for financial institutions here.

Electric Car

Coming soon! 

Aura crowdfunding is a reward based platform made by the Danish energy company Aura Energi. The platform will launch with exicting energy projects in spring 2021.

IDA is a Danish labour union with more than 125,000 members working within technology, IT, and natural science. In 2020, in cooperation with Smallbrooks, IDA launched its own crowdfunding platform.​

The platform is a way for IDA to engage its members and support innovative projects by letting members receive funding for their innovative projects while other members get a chance to support and invest in those projects.


You can learn more about our platform features and how easy it is to get your own crowdfunding platform with the Smallbrooks system in our brochure.

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