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Simpel crowdfunding

Comming soon!

Simple crowdfunding is our newest white label crowdfunding product, which we will be launching in fall 2021!

About simpel crowdfunding

Simpel crowdfunding is a true white label solution. It has a fixed layout, user journey and functionality, which allows platform owners to get started on their own platform with just a few clicks of a button.


The simple crowdfunding solution has been on our wish list for some time. In the past few years (and this year in particular) we have received several requests for a simple crowdfunding platform: A platform that would be quick to set up, had basic crowdfunding functionality, would use our license and terms, and (possibly) would only be accessible for a short period of time.


Getting a temporary platform quickly to e.g. offer crowdfunding during the corona crisis or to offer crowdfunding projects related to a specific event has therefore not been possible - until now.


With our new solution Smallbrooks will handle all formalities in terms of managing terms and conditions, payments etc., and all “simple” platforms will have the same general layout and the same basic crowdfunding functionality. The new platform owners will therefore only have to focus on getting new projects and helping them get funded rather than focus on regulations etc.

Are your company interested in owning a "simpel" crowdfunding platform? Contact us here for more information!