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Crowdfunding software as a service built and run by Smallbrooks

Launching your own crowdfunding platform doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.


Instead of spending resources on building your platform from scratch, let us build it for you. Then you can spend your time on finding great projects.

We support all crowdfunding types; lending, reward, equity and donation. 


02. The product

Account and user sign up

Core crowdfunding software

Reward crowdfunding function

Project information

Loan based crowdfunding function

Equity crowdfunding function

Donation crowdfunding function

HTML-client with own design and logo

Admin site for platform owner

The platform can be tailor-made to fit your needs regardless of the type of crowdfunding you want to offer your users: donation, rewards, lending or equity - or a mix of these. We can also help you implement crowdsourcing into your platform. 

A Smallbrooks crowdfunding platform is built by connecting a customised HTML client to our core crowdfunding service. 

The service contains all the logic and functionality for crowdfunding, whereas the client contains the look, feel and configuration needed for your specific platform.

With the Smallbrooks solution, we don’t start from scratch when creating a platform: only a new HTML client has to be built. 

The crowdfunding software

As a Smallbrooks customer you will get a 'standard' package with the option of adding different modules that can integrate with existing systems or third-parties such as banks, KYC/AML services, payment solutions, credit rating systems, application systems, CRM systems etc.

How the Smallbrooks system works

01. About crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a way of collecting money for a specific project from a large group of backers. This is usually done online using a crowdfunding platform. In general there are four types of crowdfunding:

1. Reward crowdfunding 

Backers support a project and get a reward in return. Reward-based crowdfunding is often used by companies to finance the development of a new product: the reward is then the final product.

2. Crowdlending 

Peer-to-peer lending or marketplace lending. Backers lend out money and get their money with interests in return. 

3. Equity

Backers invest in a company and get ownership of the company in return.

4. Donation

Backers support a project without getting anything in return. Donations-based crowdfunding is often used by individuals, charities and NGOs.

Crowdfunding platforms owned by companies

A lot of people have become aware of the benefits of using crowdfunding to fund their projects. But what’s in it for the organisation running the platform? Strengthening your brand, engaging your crowd, collecting data, and supporting local development are some of the few reasons why companies choose to run their own crowdfunding platform. 


The Smallbrooks solution supports crowdfunding projects of all types including loans, rewards, donations and equity. The system structures persons, accounts, projects and payments in a coherent way, ensures full transparency and automates the handling of all future cash flows, secondary market trading or product shipments.

All types of crowdfunding


03. Our features

At Smallbrooks we have lots of experience in building platforms. Our main goal is to build crowdfunding platforms suited to what our customers want and need to succesfully run their platform. This has led to the development of different features to which all of our customers can have acces.


You can learn more about our platform features and how easy it is to get your own crowdfunding platform with the Smallbrooks system in our brochure.

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