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Utility companies

Utility companies already have a crowd - in both their customers and their shareholders. A crowdfunding platform makes it possible to engage those crowds in multiple ways. 

Use the project as a way to get an indication and test if new suppliers and products are worth invsting in be using the amount of backers

Cultivate an environment of entrepreneurship by offering a crowdfunding platform to grow startups within clothing, food, supplies, e.g.

Strengthen the brand by being open, innovative and known for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship

Collect data about market tendencies within your field in order to know what type of products you should invest in

With a crowdfunding platform utility companies can... 

Strengthen the local economy and community by providing a new way to raise funds for local projects.

Empower and attract customers by letting them invest and participate in important projects for them and their local community.

Strengthen the brand by being an incubator for local activities and a central player in the local community.

Make the world a better place. Allow people to invest in sustainable projects while, perhaps, getting a discount on their utility bill.


The global crowdfunding market reached 372 billion USD in 2017 and is still growing. Crowdfunding platforms are transforming the accessibility of investments and opening up the market to non-professional investors, thereby enabling more money to be invested into businesses around the globe. 


For now, the crowdfunding market is dominated by new platforms disrupting existing business models and thus attracting new investors. With a dedicated crowdfunding platform, established utility companies can support local and sustainable development projects plus attract and engage customers.

The crowdfunding market for utility organisations


The Smallbrooks service in the cloud contains all the features needed for crowdfunding. We can therefore create new crowdfunding platforms that are tailor-made for each customer while reusing functionality from a common toolbox and without having to reinvent the wheel each time. This makes it fast, easy and affordable for everyone to get their own crowdfunding platformIt's as simple as that!

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